AFS Assigned Numbers Registry - volume location server error codes

This is a table of volume location server error codes, contained in the 'VL' error table. A maximum of 256 codes are available in this table. In addition to this table, this data is also available in the form of a com_err error table. The error code values are also available in a C header file.

VL error table

Code Value Name Message
0 363520 VL_IDEXIST Volume Id entry exists in vl database
1 363521 VL_IO I/O related error
2 363522 VL_NAMEEXIST Volume name entry exists in vl database
3 363523 VL_CREATEFAIL Internal creation failure
4 363524 VL_NOENT No such entry
5 363525 VL_EMPTY Vl database is empty
6 363526 VL_ENTDELETED Entry is deleted (soft delete)
7 363527 VL_BADNAME Volume name is illegal
8 363528 VL_BADINDEX Index is out of range
9 363529 VL_BADVOLTYPE Bad volume type
10 363530 VL_BADSERVER Illegal server number (out of range)
11 363531 VL_BADPARTITION Bad partition number
12 363532 VL_REPSFULL Run out of space for Replication sites
13 363533 VL_NOREPSERVER No such Replication server site exists
14 363534 VL_DUPREPSERVER Replication site already exists
15 363535 VL_RWNOTFOUND Parent R/W entry not found
16 363536 VL_BADREFCOUNT Illegal Reference Count number
17 363537 VL_SIZEEXCEEDED Vl size for attributes exceeded
18 363538 VL_BADENTRY Bad incoming vl entry
19 363539 VL_BADVOLIDBUMP Illegal max volid increment
20 363540 VL_IDALREADYHASHED RO/BACK id already hashed
21 363541 VL_ENTRYLOCKED Vl entry is already locked
22 363542 VL_BADVOLOPER Bad volume operation code
23 363543 VL_BADRELLOCKTYPE Bad release lock type
24 363544 VL_RERELEASE Status report: last release was aborted
25 363545 VL_BADSERVERFLAG Invalid replication site server flag
26 363546 VL_PERM No permission access
27 363547 VL_NOMEM malloc(realloc) failed to alloc enough memory
28 363548 VL_BADVERSION Wrong vldb version
29 363549 VL_INDEXERANGE Index out of range
30 363550 VL_MULTIPADDR Servers have the same ip address
31 363551 VL_BADMASK Illegal attribute mask value

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