AFS Assigned Numbers Registry - rxkad stress test error codes

This is a table of rxkad stress test error codes, contained in the 'RKS' error table. A maximum of 256 codes are available in this table. In addition to this table, this data is also available in the form of a com_err error table. The error code values are also available in a C header file.

RKS error table

Code Value Name Message
0 19059456 RXKST_PROCESSCREATED process created, not yet started
1 19059457 RXKST_PROCESSRUNNING process running, no error
2 19059458 RXKST_BADARGS arguments illegal or inconsistent
3 19059459 RXKST_BADINPUTSUM incorrect input checksum
4 19059460 RXKST_BADOUTPUTSUM incorrect output checksum
5 19059461 RXKST_READSHORT unexpected number of bytes returned by rx_Read
6 19059462 RXKST_WRITESHORT unexpected number of bytes sent by rx_Write
7 19059463 RXKST_UNAUTH connection unauthenticated
8 19059464 RXKST_BADKVNO unknown key version number
9 19059465 RXKST_BADCLIENT incorrect client name/instance/cell
10 19059466 RXKST_INCFAILED increment operation produced wrong value
11 19059467 RXKST_TIMESKEW clock on client and server too far apart
12 19059468 RXKST_NEWCONNFAILED couldn't make a new connection
13 19059469 RXKST_BADCALLNUMBERS connection has unexpected call numbers
14 19059470 RXKST_NODUPLICATECALL failed to detect duplicate call
15 19059471 RXKST_NOBADCKSUM failed to detect bad cksum
16 19059472 RXKST_NOCONNERROR whole connection is not in error
17 19059473 RXKST_CHALLENGEORACLE idle connection is acting as a challenge oracle

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