AFS Assigned Numbers Registry - kernel token cache error codes

This is a table of kernel token cache error codes, contained in the 'KTC' error table. A maximum of 256 codes are available in this table. In addition to this table, this data is also available in the form of a com_err error table. The error code values are also available in a C header file.

KTC error table

Code Value Name Message
0 11862784 KTC_ERROR an unexpected error was encountered
1 11862785 KTC_TOOBIG a buffer was too small for the response
2 11862786 KTC_INVAL an invalid argument was passed in
3 11862787 KTC_NOENT no such entry
4 11862788 KTC_PIOCTLFAIL a pioctl failed
5 11862789 KTC_NOPIOCTL AFS kernel pioctl doesn't exist
6 11862790 KTC_NOCELL unknown cell was passed to SetToken
7 11862791 KTC_NOCM Cache Manager is not initialized / afsd is not running
8 11862792 KTC_RPC failed to send or receive session key via remote procedure call
9 11862793 KTC_NOCMRPC Cache Manager RPC server is not responding

How to use these codes

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