AFS Assigned Numbers Registry - AFS backup tape controller error codes

This is a table of AFS backup tape controller error codes, contained in the 'BUTC' error table. A maximum of 256 codes are available in this table. In addition to this table, this data is also available in the form of a com_err error table. The error code values are also available in a C header file.

BUTC error table

Code Value Name Message
0 156566272 TC_DUMPERROR error in dump/restore process
1 156566273 TC_FORCEDABORT ungraceful abort
2 156566274 TC_ABORTED the process has already been aborted
3 156566275 TC_WORKINPROGRESS unable to end dump/restore since work in progress
4 156566276 TC_INCOMPLETEDUMP some of the dump/restores were unsuccessful
5 156566277 TC_ABORTFAILED could not abort the process
6 156566278 TC_ABORTEDBYREQUEST the process was aborted by request
7 156566279 TC_SCANFAILURE scan tape resulted in failure
8 156566280 TC_NODENOTFOUND No dump task with specified ID
9 156566281 TC_NOTASKS No tasks active
10 156566282 TC_VOLUMENOTONTAPE the volume was not found on tape
11 156566283 TC_PREMATUREEOF unexpected EOF encountered on tape
12 156566284 TC_MISSINGTRAILER missing file trailer on tape
13 156566285 TC_WRONGTAPE unexpected tape label
14 156566286 TC_TAPEUNUSABLE tape was unusable
15 156566287 TC_BADVOLHEADER corrupted volume header on tape
16 156566288 TC_INTERNALERROR internal error
17 156566289 TC_BADQUEUE corruption in internal queue data structures
18 156566290 TC_NOMEMORY memory allocation failure
19 156566291 TC_NOTPERMITTED access denied
20 156566292 TC_SKIPTAPE tape requested to be skipped
21 156566293 TC_BADTASK invalid task

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