AFS Assigned Numbers Registry - AFS backup coordinator error codes

This is a table of AFS backup coordinator error codes, contained in the 'BUCD' error table. A maximum of 256 codes are available in this table. In addition to this table, this data is also available in the form of a com_err error table. The error code values are also available in a C header file.

BUCD error table

Code Value Name Message
0 156288000 BC_BADARG Unacceptable user supplied argument
1 156288001 BC_VERSIONMISMATCH Object has been updated
2 156288002 BC_NOTUNIQUE Search matched more than one item
3 156288003 BC_NOMEM Can't allocate working memory
4 156288004 BC_NOCELLCONFIG Can't get cell configuration information
5 156288005 BC_EXISTS Specified item already exists
6 156288006 BC_CONFIGERR Error in configuration parameters
7 156288007 BC_NOVOLSET No such volume set
8 156288008 BC_NOVOLENTRY No such volume entry
9 156288009 BC_VOLSETEXISTS Volume set already exists
10 156288010 BC_NOHOST No such server
11 156288011 BC_NOPARTITION No such partition
12 156288012 BC_VERSIONFAIL Version number mismatch
13 156288013 BC_NOTLOCKED Lock has not been acquired
14 156288014 BC_INTERNALERROR Internal error
15 156288015 BC_NOHOSTENTRY No such host/port entry

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