Kerberos Working Group

Meeting Today!

Please join us for the Kerberos WG meeting this morning, March 20, 2006, at 9:00am Central Time (1500 UTC) in the "Miro" room. For those not able to join us in person, several options are available for remote participation:



Related Work


24-Feb-2006PKINIT approved
10-Feb-2006Enctype Negotiation approved
25-Jan-2006IETF Last Call on PKINIT
13-Jan-2006IETF Last Call on Enctype Negotiation
25-Dec-2005WGLC started on ECC for PKINIT
23-Oct-2005WGLC started on PKINIT-29
14-Jul-2005RFC 4120 (clarifications) published
14-Jul-2005RFC 4121 (gssapi-cfx) published
14-Feb-2005RFC 3961 (crypto) published
14-Feb-2005RFC 3962 (AES) published
15-Oct-2004kerberos-clarifications approved by IESG

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